Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I got comments!!!!

I was so happy this morning when I read my mail to find that I had not one but two comments to my posts!!  One of the was my Mum (thanks Mum!!), but the other is proof that my little (but ever growing) pages of talking out loud has reached other people.  I sooo happy!!

It was actually very timely though, as last night I had one of those blah! nights.  I was showing B the little project that I'd whipped up that afternoon (which I was quite pleased with (that fact that I did anything that is) 'cause lately I've had no incentive to go into the studio and start anything) and my response was anything but what I wanted.  To hear "what is it meant to be?" was as good as telling me it was crap and from there it went downhill, with me asking why he 'never' has anything (good or critical) to say about my work.  Anyway, getting comments this morning made me feel that there are others out there that would be better critics (and complimenters) than him 'cause you guys actually appreciate this type of work.  (I did explain to him that I want compliments about my work, just like he wants compliments about his surfing/new speakers/how good he was for making me a drink etc etc).  Boys!! perhaps I should stop trying to understand.

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